A fortnightly, daytime group which discovers the on-going story of England from pre-history to the present. The format is: lectures and discussion aided by handouts and visual aids. We deal not only with what was happening in the development of the nation we live in today, but also what was happening in Europe and the wider world at the time in question, together with the influences that came to bear on the politics, economy, defence of the Realm, trade and the way of life of the ordinary people as well as the rulers and governors.

It is a STORY, and is told as a story, without over burdening the members with dates and endless lists of events that merely serve to confuse the mind. I believe, from feedback, that the current members are thoroughly enjoying the group – and that’s what its all about!!

When possible the group meets face-to-face. If there are problems related to Covid the group operates via emails. Please contact the convenor if you are interested in joining the group.

Group Convenor: Freddie Davies

Email: fjd7789@gmail.com

Tel: 0115 9204 239